I love Nick and Vito’s. Their frozen pizzas are available at Central Market and they taste great. Unfortunately, we opted for the cheaper Digiorno variety last night. Last night’s pizza bummed me out. Our pizza was broken. What the heck?

We had a few beers at our local watering hole; Go 4 It Sports Bar. I love their bacon wrapped jalapenos. Delish. They have like 8 IPA’s on tap as well. Score! It’s nice to get out of the house for a few beers and watch college football for a couple of hours on Saturday. Plus, we don’t have to drive across town to do so.

I love that little shopping center. Not only is my hair stylist at that same location, but Kroger is there too. I love me some Kroger. I wish our store were bigger and nicer like the Mockingbird location. The wine and beer selection could use a makeover as in get rid of the open air coolers and invest in doors. What a waste of cold air. And get a better selection. Don’t listen to me. I’ll just go to Total Wine instead. Their prices are awesome. It’s called Total Wine for a reason. Don’t go looking for great deals on bourbon. You’d be wise to head over to Goody Goody.

That little shopping center also has a classy storefront; Vapes. Seriously, we have a Vapes and a head shop?? Um, so now I can get a smokeless cigarette and a bong after my shopping trip at Kroger. Classy! I’m all for supporting local business, but come on…

Okay, it’s time to walk the dog and clear my head before the kids get up. Note to self. Marinate the chicken and roast cherry tomatoes before your forget.


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