New Bed and a Headache

Two weeks ago, we moved our son to his new room. It’s a great room with soothing colors and a big boy theme. We love it. I love it. Our son loves it. Unfortunately, this whole going to bed on time thing is out the window.

At nap time, he does great. He goes to bed when he’s supposed to and sleeps like a champ. That is not the case in the evenings. He scales furniture, tears down pictures, finds hidden wires to chew/pull on, etc…

His recent find is the crawl space located in his closet. OMG! Seriously, he can’t be climbing underneath the house. Thank goodness for LCD monitors. We are on that like a hawk. As in, run to his room as fast as possible before sh*t hits the fan.

We’re  hoping he makes the transition before his little brother arrives (only 4 short weeks away). Here’s the thing, we don’t mind him playing in his room. Bed time simply means, at this time you go to your room and either play quietly or go to sleep. Unfortunately, it’s not playing out how we envisioned. It’s a work in progress. We are hopeful that this will be under wraps shortly.

In the meantime, we’ll have to postpone our couple time in the evenings (catching up on Boardwalk Empire) until the transition is complete.


One response to “New Bed and a Headache

  1. OMG, I’m sorry but the crawl space thing just made me crack up… I had to read that part to Brian. These toddlers are CRAZY. Glad to hear that the bed rails seem to have resolved the issue!!

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