Make easy

I’ve been trying to make our weeknights less stressful. By the time I get home from work and exercise it’s time to make dinner as well as my lunch for the next day. All is fine except for the fact that we don’t eat until much later than we’d like.

I found something that works. On Sundays, I make a big dinner; enough to feed an army (last night it was Indian curry). That way, we can eat on left overs for a couple of days It’s not ideal if you aren’t the type that digs leftovers, but we do so it works for us.

By Wednesday, I skip my workout and make something quick and simple. This week it will be quiche with spinach, potato and bacon. I use one of those refrigerated Pilsbury pie crusts instead of making my own. I usually make a salad with mixed greens and whatever we have in the fridge/pantry topped with Parmesan and oil and vinegar.

Thursdays are usually hodge podge or pasta along with broccoli. Then it’s the weekend and we do it right with take-out and dining out. Ah….the weekends.



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