The Easter weekend is upon off. My husband and I are both off from work tomorrow. I’ve been looking forward to some time off. In fact, I’ve been looking forward to a vacation. Do you know when our next vacation is planned? August 2013. I know…it’s a ways away. We shall enjoy our extended weekend in the meantime.

Our house is in the midst of potty training for our little one. We only just started last weekend and so far the process has been successful. We tried this about 6 months ago and it was a complete disaster. I’m laughing at myself. What a first time Mommy mistake. Like our son was ready back then. Ha.

At some point, our son will be moving to his new room. Lucky for him, he gets to take his crib with him. At some point, we’ll transition him to a big boy bed. We’ll start with the crib conversion first. For the record, he’s still sleeping in a crib. That is somethig my husband and I both like. Uninterrupted sleep is not overrated at all. Seriously. We’ll drag out that whole crib thing as long as we can.


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