Round Two

The is pregnancy season and we are not immune. We are expecting our second son in July and we are thrilled. Like my first pregnancy, this one has been similiar. I was a little moody during my first trimester, but that is neither here nor there.

Desserts have been the star in our house. In fact, I have a Valrhona chocoate cake cooling on the counter just waiting to be covered with deep dark chocolaty frosting. Cookies have been present on a weekly basis. I’ve made everything from oatmeal raisin to Neiman Marcus cookies. NM’s cookie recipe is one of my favorites as well as a no-fail.

Dinners have been that of casseroles and slow cooker dishes. Who can say no to a mouth watering pot roast with onions, carrots and potatoes; somthing that gets better with a day in the fridge. Oh beans how I love you. Charro beans are cheap,easy and so delicious with a side or cornbread and/or tortillas.

We have a sitter today. We are off to see a movie and grab a bite to eat. I’m craving blue cheese chips from Jasper’s. Unfortunatly, we probably won’t be making our way that far North. Hmpf.


One response to “Round Two

  1. Congrats on baby boy #2! It definitely IS the baby season.

    Hope you get those blue cheese chips soon… I wish Jasper’s wasn’t such a hike. Love that place.

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