This is going to be a quick recap of the past few weeks. We returned to Meddlesome Moth recently and enjoyed our burger and tuna salad. We started with the fried hominy which surprisingly, we had never tried before. Believe me when I tell you to skip this appetizer. No good. It would be better served as a garnish.Next time we are there, we will start with their amazing Thai mussels.

We have had a few meals at Bolsa which never disappoints. That place it so good. I love the atmosphere. It reminds me of Santa Fe. We ate at Oddfellows two weeks ago. I hate to say it, but we thought it was just okay. We didn’t order breakfast items and I think that was our mistake. We should have taken the lead from other diners. It was obvious that breakfast was the winner.

We’ve been picking up a lot of sandwiches from Great Outdoors. Gosh, I love that place. It takes me back to my days in junior high. We’ve also been making a lot of homemade pizza. We’ve been recreating the BBQ chicken pizza from California Pizza Kitchen among others. Pizza is so easy to make and it makes plenty to serve as a single meal or a crowd. The leftovers have been great to heat up the next day for lunch.

This weekend’s Saturday lunch has yet to be determined. We need a TV for the Tech/TX game and some good bar food.



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