Whiskey Cake

We avoided the TX/OU crowds by heading north last weekend. I had heard good things about Whiskey Cake and wanted to give it  a go. I didn’t realize that it was the old Plano Tavern. I work close by and spent many early evenings at the watering hole. The place has since been updated to give more light to the dining area with a bit of a rustic touch. There is a patio now too. Upon our arrival, we opted to sit at the bar (obviously, since there was football to be watched).

We started with the fried green tomatoes. I loved this appetizer; however, I did not care for the dipping sauce alongside. No biggie since the tomatoes were great on their own. They appeared to have been fried in a tempura batter which made them super light and fluffy. For lunch,  I had the blue crab cake and my husband had the burger. We loved both. The burger is made of ground brisket. We were skeptical at first thinking that the meat would be tough. Boy were we wrong. The burger was divine. We split an order of the Parmesan fries and stuffed ourselves silly. Mmmm….good.


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