Surviving the heat

It’s hot. Saturday with it’s rain, clouds and below 90 degree temperatures was awesome. It gave me hope that we will see cooler temperatures again. Fall is around the corner. I can already picture the leaves on the trees changing color. I love it. I have hope.

Not much to report around here. We’ve been eating our fair share of Hook Line and Sinker. We tried Bistro B a few weeks back. No comment. We’ve returned to Smoke on numerous occasions which is always great.

Last Friday, we had friends over and they brought some of Lockhart’s potato salad to go with our little barbeque spread. Let me tell you, that potato salad is so good spiked with little bits of brisket. I could have made a meal out of the potato salad itself.

We’ve been making a weekly trip to Mariano’s which has been nice. We have been doing just about whatever we can to keep from turning the oven on. We are doing our best to keep cool and keep costs down.


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