Check, please!

Last week, we celebrated our new car by going out to dinner. Isn’t that what everyone does? The hubs had been craving a good plate of enchiladas so we headed to El Fenix Casa Linda for dinner. The ritas were good. They were a little of the tart side, but not in a bad way. I had two if that tells you anything. The chips and salsa were great. The enchiladas were just okay. Why must they put so much raw onion in them? They don’t do that at the Northwest Highway location or the one in downtown. We’ll know next time to tell them to hold the onions.

I should mention here that our son vomited all over our table towards the end of the meal. We quickly slurped the rest of our ritas and gobbled up our plates before burning rubber out of there. Damn those tortillas. You can only shove so many down your throat before they come back up again.



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