The Same Thing

It’s not a rut. I assure you of that. We have been returning to Hook Line and Sinker every Saturday for the past three weeks. I bet we are there again this weekend. I love their Tilapia. I like it grilled, I like it fried and best when sandwiched between two pieces of bread; big, crusty and soft in the center kind of bread. Their shrimp basket and catfish are mighty fine too. Don’t forget the hush puppies and some cold beers. Ah…just thinking of our meals there makes me all happy inside.

Yesterday we had lunch at La Madeleine. I got the tuna salad on sourdough with lettuce and tomato. I opted for pasta on the side. I wish I had gone with the  Caesar salad instead. The pasta wasn’t bad, but it’s not what I remembered. I thought there was more of a basil pesto dressing instead of a sun-dried tomato one. It was a tad greasy for my taste.

Let’s see… What else? We had lunch at Highlands Cafe the other day. It’s good, but not great. We split fajitas at Mariano’s last Friday. Their pinata room is great for kids. We have been eating our fair share of Papa Muphy’s and I’ve been doing some minimal baking. It’s too hot to turn the oven on for an extended period of time. That said, I made chocolate chip cookies at the hottest time of the day last week. Trust. They were so worth it.


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