New beginnings

Is this weather not gorgeous? We took full advantage over the weekend by spending as much time outside as possible. On Friday night, we sipped wine on the patio while we watched our neighbors pass by on the sidewalk. We were in bed early and ready to take on the world Saturday morning. That like…never…happens.

Before heading out to our Saturday lunch date, we had another date. Since November of 2010, we have been keeping our son at home with minimal help. Mind you, both my husband and I work full-time. We have been paying a local daycare every week since then to keep our spot reserved. That is…until Monday. On Saturday morning we met Anna; our new nanny. We are tickled to death at this amazing opportunity. We prayed about it and our prayers were answered. Anna’s first day with us is today. A weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

Now to the food. We followed our meeting with Anna with a celebratory lunch at Bolsa. We loved the feel of the patio.It took us back to our time in Santa Fe, NM.

We split the bruschetta. Our favorite being the smoked cheddar, pear and roasted almond. I am so recreating that one at home. It’s a good thing we have friends coming over this weekend for happy hour. I’m definitely serving it.

I had the ham and cheese and the hubs had the burger. Talk about a great burger. Next time we go back, I’m ordering the burger. The ham and cheese was good, but not great. This happens to me with ham and cheese. I wanted it to tastle like the one from Bonnie Ruth’s.  I was expecting one thing and got another; not bad, but different.

What made the sandwich was a side of the homemade mustard (think wasabi mustard) that I paired with each bite. Now that is what I’m talking about. I should have ordered a side of that mustard to take home with me. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

On Sunday, we grilled rib eyes from Central Market. Normally, we pan sear them and finish them off in the oven. Let me tell you, grilling the steaks made for a great change up. Nothing beats a good charcoal grill. We paired our steaks with loaded mashed potatoes and a bottle of red wine.

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