What a weekend! How does it go by so quickly?

I left work a bit early on Friday. It’s a new habit I am forming. I don’t feel so rushed and exhausted on Friday evening. I have more time to run errands, beat the afternoon traffic and get settled in.

Smoke was so great last weekend that we decided to go again this weekend. At the last minute, we decided to change things up and try The Common Table. Big mistake. The place is cute and the patio is great for sipping cocktails, but that’s it. The food isn’t great nor is the service. I had the portabella mushrooms with goat cheese and polenta .My husband had the grilled cheese. Seriously, how do you screw up a grilled cheese? We both agreed that The Common Table goes overboard when it comes to cheese. You know the saying; sometimes more is just more…not better. Our starter of calamari was pretty good. Unfortunately, the server spilled half of it on the patio. Mind you, he did not acknowledge the fact that he did so. Just crappy.

Other than Saturday lunch, our weekend was really nice. I’m ready to do it all again in just 5 short days.


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