My alarm didn’t go off this morning. I blame the storms. Talk about a lightning show. At least I got some extra shut eye.

The big debate was whether or not to buy baby gates. This has been going on for about a month now. We crumbled and bought some on Saturday. Then, returned them on Sunday. Since we don’t have stairs, we couldn’t justify the purchase. Our utility room is the only room that needs to be off limits and gates don’t apply to that one. Does anyone else use baby gates?

On to the good stuff. Friday night was our usual Papa Murphy night. Seriously, their pizza is that good. Saturday, we had lunch at Parigi on Oak Lawn. Our lunch was lovely. We shared the pate to start. It was served with crusty bread which was just okay. We preferred the soft bread which was served as soon as we sat down. My husband had the knuckle sandwich which is basically a lobster roll on crack. Only better! Bacon, lobster, cheese, etc…I had the fish of the day. It was between that or the deconstructed California roll. My dish was very light. I was better off with the lighter option seeing as I’ve been eating way too much lately, but I kind of wish that I had ordered the deconstructed roll. Next time. For dessert we opted for ice cream cones from Braum’s. So good.



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