Um, so why am I just now hearing about drilling for gas in Dallas? That is very disturbing. I don’t even know where to begin…

Enough about that. On with the good stuff. For two weekends straight we dined at The Meddlesome Moth for lunch. What a fabulous place. We were there back in January and loved it. Their Thai spiced mussels are amazing. The broth is mild, not spicy which sounds boring, but it’s most definitely not. I had the Arctic Char salad which was quite hearty. The salad was delicate, but the smokey flavor of the fish gave it a very hearty flavor boost. We also had the shrimp and grits with jalapeno gravy. Very good. Four juicy shrimp atop a heap of tasty grits. The jalapeno gravy gives it just enough heat balanced with the cream. We enjoyed several glasses of Wells Bombardier which we liked so much that we purchased a self made six-pack at Central Market later that afternoon. The Moth is a wonderful dining spot. It’s cozy on dreary winter days, but also classy and airy on warm days. It’s even more hip when they open up the patio.




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