Cabin Fever

This weather is awful! I’ve been stuck at home for three days now. Would someone please tell me how I can get the massive sheet of ice off of my driveway? Same with the street. I run to the front window every time I hear a car going down the street. They pass by our house by simply sliding on the road. Their tires aren’t moving just sliding.

I commute to Plano Monday through Friday. I will begin working from home a few times a week once my laptop is imaged. That would have taken place today, but I’m not in the office. Hmm…a pickle of a problem. I have no idea if I will make it out of the house until this weekend when the temperatures begin to climb past freezing. In the meantime, I’ll do more baking.


One response to “Cabin Fever

  1. I hear you… Brian even bought de-icer pellets at Lowe’s. They did nothing.

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