Another one?

Oh my gosh! Really? Our little Jeem has another ear infection.Whenever we take him to the pediatrician for one thing we come home with a laundry list of additional ailments to treat. How is that even possible? He looks and acts healthy so why is he always getting sick? Geeeezzz…..

It’s not just the little guy. It’s everywhere. My office is crawling with the walking ill. EVERYONE IS SICK. Yuck!

I have three sick days left until the end of the year and close to three weeks of vacation. Tell me that isn’t messed up. This will be the first time I’ve used up sick time before vacation.


3 responses to “Another one?

  1. GP, I wish you could give me your unused vacation time. I would happily put it to good use.

  2. I should be able to use up close to two weeks before the end of the year. At my previous company vacation time rolled over into each new year. That was good stuff. Now it’s use it or lose it. Bum out.

  3. Hope the little guy feels better soon! I’m constantly amazed at how these babies pick up EVERYTHING. Jack’s been fighting a cold for 2 weeks.

    Enjoy your pseudo-Friday 🙂

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