Amish Bread

Amish bread is big in my office right now. A few weeks back, a lovely coworker brought several bags of starter to the office. I grabbed one and went on my merry way. I was delighted. Right after Tripp was born a neighbor brought us a loaf of Amish bread along with a starter. If only I had read the directions before putting the plastic baggie in the fridge. My neighbor said, “leave it alone for 10 days and then follow the instructions.” Um, what about day 5 when you add flour, sugar and milk? Hmpf… Oh, and the part about not needing refridgeration? I was an Amish bread virgin. Today, I’m practically an Amish slut.

I’ve been making Amish bread around the clock. It went from everyone wanting a starter to people downright ignoring my presence. I know what they are thinking; “uh oh, Katy is coming with more starter. Bolt!” I have two baggies sitting out on my counter waiting for their 10th day. I might keep one, but the rest are going in the garbage. It’s time to say goodbye to Amish bread.

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