Trece and La Duni

Here is the short of it. Trece was okay. I had the snapper and hubs had the beef tenderloin skewers. Neither one was special.They charge you a $1.50 for three tortillas. Our basket of chips was lacking as in salt and crispiness. Plus, no salt and pepper on the table. Come on. They should put salt on the tables for the chips alone. We split an order of the chorizo queso. Don’t go there. I’m giving you fair warning here. Try something else.

Now on to good things. La Duni McKinney rocked my world. We shared a cup of the three cheese queso. Hello corn and poblano. Yum!! Note to self; order a bowl next time. I had the salad trio which was great. I loved the large slice of tomato topped with fresh guacamole, queso fresco and hearts of palm. I could eat that again and again. Hubs had the Cubano. That too was divine along with yucca fries. I swear we go to La Duni just so we can devour an order of their potatoes. Of course, yucca fries would not be complete without a side of mayonnaise. I’m thinking we might have to hit up La Duni again very soon.


3 responses to “Trece and La Duni

  1. You know, at first I thought you were talking about La Duni in your opening paragraph and I thought, “Oh, no! What happened?”. Glad to hear it’s still as yummy as ever. Thanks for the warning on Trece.

  2. Sorry about that. I’ll switch the title around so it’s not as confusing. I thought about that yesterday when I wrote it.

  3. One more thing. Order the queso at La Duni. It’s marvelous!!

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