Dinner and a Movie

Our standard date night almost always consists of dinner and a movie. Last night was different. We’d been invited to a house warming and to a neighbors to play washers. Since our neighbors are a stone’s throw away we gussied ourselves up for a night of fun. We’d have to see the new house another time. At the last minute, something came up and the games were called off. No skin off my back. I’m probably the only person out there that gets excited when plans are canceled (bring in the therapists).

We (meaning I) weren’t up for driving across town and instead ended up at Magnolia for Winter’s Bone. Like the title, expect dark, dreary, gray and depressing. Oh, and it’s good too. Has anyone else experienced the crowds at Magnolia? I don’t ever remember it being so crowded. This summer has been an absolute nightmare. Every weekend, we end up at their theater and every weekend we swear never to return.

After the movie, we headed over to Mariano’s for dinner. I wanted Fernando’s (go figure), but I could tell that my husband was dying for the Queso Mariano so I played along that I really wanted it too. I’m such a good wife. Wink. Wink. For the first time ever, I tried their Skinny margarita. Not too shabby. In fact, I was quite impressed. Of course, had we gone to Fernando’s I would have been given double the quantity without losing quality for the same price. It was worth it. The hubs got his queso fix and I a great date night. That’s a win-win in my book.


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