July 4th

Happy 4th everyone!

I’ve got an awesome banana cake smothered in chocolate frosting sitting on the stove. Yep, I’ve been nibbling at that bad boy for a full 24 hours. The cake is loaded with chocolate chips and walnuts. If I were to do it again, I’d skip the walnuts or add less. You see, I like LOTS of walnuts in my banana bread, but not so much in my cake. It’s a good thing the chocolate frosting makes up for just about everything.

The sangria that I had last weekend was so great that I decided to make a batch of my own. I can’t wait to give it a go this afternoon. I”m going for a seriously simple menu today; fresh corn tortillas. It’s on my list of things to take care of before noon today. Fresh corn tortillas with warm butter and a dash of salt along with my sangria has me all giddy.


3 responses to “July 4th

  1. So what corn tortilla recipe do you use? And are they difficult to make?

  2. Ha! I haven’t dared to make my own tortillas. Not yet anyway. I picked up fresh ones from Dallas Tortilla Factory. They were good, but I’ve had better. I like the ones from Luna’s the best!

  3. Oh okay- that’s a better idea! I had this crazy notion to make my own tortillas but am guessing that’s not going to pan out… especially since I don’t own a tortilla press.

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