While the hubs was out watching the soccer game yesterday, I got Mimi to come over and watch Tripp. My neighbor and dear friend planned an afternoon of sun and sangria. She made the recipe from The Pioneer Woman and it was fabulous! These things were nice and potent. Maybe that was due to the fact that we forgot to add water like the recipe indicated. Oops! I’ve never sweat so much in my life. We loaded our sangrias with ice and soaked in the afternoon heat. The next thing I knew, it was already 7 o’clock. How did that happen? Like they say; time flies when you are having fun.

The hubs picked me up and we headed over to Mario and Alberto’s for dinner. I skipped the whole margarita order and went straight for water. Lord knows that I was in need. I must have lost half my body weight sweating in the summer sun. Dinner was sour cream chicken enchiladas which were amazing! I love their food! It was off to bed soon after we got home, but not before I put down a couple of chocolate chip cookies. Mmm…


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