Mariano’s and a long wait…our fault

The hubs and I hogged a table for close to 45 minutes while we waited for our friends to join us. We felt horrible for our waiter. If only we had known that the other half of our party was going to be late. We didn’t know they were going to be late until after our drink order arrived. We debated on whether or not we should give up our table. We didn’t. What would you have done? We tried to make up for it by giving a very generous tip, but still felt guilty for just sitting there.


3 responses to “Mariano’s and a long wait…our fault

  1. Wait, was this last night? We were there, too! So weird.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about hogging the table. At least you ordered drinks and weren’t just sitting there sipping water and scarfing chips. The tip should make up for any inconvenience for the waiter, IMO.

  2. I figured that we were better off at a table than the bar area.

    Tripp was asleep the entire time we were at the restaurant (yay!) and decided to wake up right as my dinner was being served (boo!).I can’t tell you how many times I end up taking most of my meal home in a take-out container.

  3. I feel you did the right thing, GP. A generous tip instead of giving up your table was appropriate.

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