It Sounded Like a Good Idea

Uh…. Why do I do that to myself?? Am I back in college? High school? Mimosas seemed like such a good idea late last night. This morning…not so much. It’s that damn orange juice. I usually do not buy fruit juice or any juice for that matter. I prefer water to soda/juice and alcohol above all. There are always several bottles of bubbly in the fridge at any given time. One is because I love me some bubbly. Two is that you should always have some on hand for a celebration. Nothing says congratulations like a nice glass of champagne.

I have the good stuff and some okay stuff. Whenever I open the fridge I don’t think to pop the cork. Nope. I either look endlessly for something to eat or grab a beer. Since I bought that orange juice all I could think of was a big pitcher of mimosas. I made some last night. The hubs was on board. Mimosas are fun and a shared pitcher on the back patio is a good time. Hubs had half a glass before declaring that he wasn’t in the mood and quickly switched back to Miller Lite. I did not. I took down the pitcher and then some. Oh holy hell!! I’m nursing my headache and acidic stomach with strong coffee.


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