Dinner and a Movie

The hubs and I set out early Saturday evening for our date night. I wasn’t particularly in the mood for a movie. Something about the weather or being in the house all day. The last thing I wanted to do was sit in a dark theater. What did we do? We sat in a dark theater for over 2 hours and I’m so glad that we did. We saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Man, why didn’t I give that book a chance? I’ve picked that book up at least ten times and not once did I make it past the second chapter. The movie was good which means I’ll be reading the book stat!

Afterward, we headed over to Mario and Alberto’s for dinner. That was my absolute favorite restaurant as a kid. I requested my birthday dinners at their place. I was addicted to their chicken flautas. As I got older, I graduated to the sour cream chicken enchiladas. Yum! I was not disappointed on our visit. The garlicy hot sauce sent me back in time. I have one complaint. The margaritas suck unless you specifically ask for a liquor/lime juice ratio. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a boatload of sweet and sour mix. Yes, you’ll get a nice taste of electric green pucker juice in a top shelf margarita if you don’t speak up. I hate that. It’s almost like buying a car. That whole process where the waiter goes back and forth to the bar while they try to get the margarita right. Not my thing. Eventually they did get it right. My tilapia was tasty and the hub’s Rosita plate was right on the mark. We’ll be back. Next time I’ll be sure to get the margarita order right from the get go. I don’t want to go through that mess again. That said, we could go back to Fernando’s and not have to worry about it.


2 responses to “Dinner and a Movie

  1. I’ve started that book several times, too, and just couldn’t get into it! I think pushing through the genealogy stuff was a little hard. Glad to hear that the movie was good! Maybe I should just skip the book and see that instead?

  2. I would. I tried reading it again and couldn’t get into it. The movie is worth skipping the book.

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