Fernando’s – Round 2

We hit up Fernando’s again last night for dinner. I had the tortilla crusted chicken and the hubs ordered the brisket tacos. I enjoyed my chicken more than the tilapia from the previous week. Hubs was not as fortunate. He liked his tacos, but not nearly as much as the enchiladas. I have to agree. I had bites from both plates and the enchiladas were so much better. I have a hard time liking brisket tacos. It’s my least favorite item to order at a Mexican restaurant. Do you know why? I do. It’s because I always end up disappointed in them. They never live up to their hype.

Next Saturday, we are set for our weekly date night. I’m not sure if we’ll be returning to Fernando’s, but I’ll be thrilled if we are. I love the chimichangas that are served alongside the entree. I am going to ask about ordering a dinner-size portion of those chimichangas. They are GOOD, but not on the menu. What gives? I’d settle for an appetizer portion. That might not be a bad idea.

We have Sunday dinner with the family tonight. I got off easy. I was only asked to bring good bread.

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