We have plans to see the Rangers tonight. I don’t know about this weather?? We have a babysitter for the night, but have an option to reschedule for another night with less of a rain threat. I would hate to get out there and have a rain delay. Hmm… What to do??  It’s also our anniversary. We have dinner set for this weekend, but wanted to jump start the celebration with a good ball game. Weather can be frustrating at times. Especially with all of the planning that we put into seeing the Rangers on this very night.


2 responses to “Rangers

  1. GP, have you been to see the Frisco Roughriders? Almost as much fun at half the price. $9 for a seat next to the field. Parking $5 without a long walk. I’ve seen Elvis Andrus, Justin Smoak, and Guillermo Moscoso there a year before their Ranger debuts. Try it sometime!

  2. I’ve been to their ballpark a few times…very nice! If only I could convince my husband to go. Hmpf…

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