Oh so good…

It’s not often that I trick up my coffee more than I normally do. After all, I add sugar, half and half, a touch of French Vanilla creamer and top it off with Braum’s light whipped cream from the can. This morning, I took my coffee to the next level. I whipped up a carton of heavy whipping cream with a touch of sugar and vanilla. I ditched all of the above for some creamy coffee infused with cream and topped with whipped goodness. Oh my! There is some major goodness in heavy whipping cream. I absolutely adore it!! I can’t wait to top fresh berries with it later on.


2 responses to “Oh so good…

  1. Damn. That sounds fantastic.

  2. I had to get rid of the cream last night. I washed it all down the sink before going to bed. I couldn’t stop myself from adding it to EVERYTHING!

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