My Mother-in-Law is coming over for a visit at noon today. It just occurred to me that I should get something edible out on the table. Seriously, I am losing it. I have a few bottles of white wine in the fridge. I’ve got tea bags going on the stove. And, no, I don’t have an iced tea maker OR a rice cooker. I have a full carton of eggs so I’m thinking egg salad served on toasted wheat bread. I also pulled a zip-lock bag of Ranger Cookie dough out of the freezer. Now, I need to get the dog hair off of the floors and everything else. We let our Duffy get all over our furniture. He is soooo spoiled.

This is not me. I love to prepare for company. I love making long grocery lists and researching recipes online. I love my cute linens, flirty stemware and dreamy service pieces. Somehow doing all of that today is overwhelming. Maybe I’ll present the linens. They add a nice flair and they clean up beautifully with a run in the washer.


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