That was a weekend??

Um…did I miss the weekend? What happened? I don’t think I set foot outside of the house other than trips to Target and the grocery store. Meals were uneventful. We got take-out from Bonnie Ruth’s one night, salads from Highlands another night, lunch was whatever we had in our fridge/pantry. See? Nothing much to write about.

Coffee has always been a dear friend of mine. Little did I know how much closer we’d become after I became a mother. I cherish my mornings. They are still just as glorious as before…only better. Of course, none of it would be possible without coffee. 🙂

I made a batch of Ranger cookies which I’ve been mowing through non-stop. I’m so glad I made time for those delicious treats. The best thing about Ranger cookies is that they tend to get better with time. It may be a limited time, but still….pretty nice.

I’m in need of smoothie fix. I’ll be venturing out for one of those at some point today. Give me yogurt, pineapple and coconut and you’ve got a happy woman out of me. A little rum wouldn’t hurt.


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