Back Country BBQ

Our dear friend sent over Back Country BBQ on Tuesday evening. What a way to start our first night home. We’ve been eating on everything all week. It’s been glorious. My husband loves their ribs and I adore their sliced brisket. If you haven’t tried their potato salad then you should. However; I must warn you that it is different than most. Not so much in flavor/taste, but in texture. It’s more like a mashed potato salad. I’m not a huge fan, but over time I have come to enjoy it more and more. My husband could live and die by it. Often times, we get a large side to-go to have with our own little back yard barbecues.

I’m on a cookie mission today. I have all of the ingredients for Ranger cookies. We have a few friends coming by this afternoon. While they ooh and ah over Tripp, I can catch a break and bake. Gotta love that!


One response to “Back Country BBQ

  1. The baby is just a week old today and you’re baking?! You go, girl!

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