Bonnie Ruth’s for lunch

I usually get the  ham and cheese sandwich, but the hot vegetarian was calling my name. I’m glad I listened to my instincts because the vegetarian was awesome! My sandwich came out on a warm, soft roll and oozed with cheese, mushrooms, spinach and pesto. Oh man, I was in for a treat. My husband got the salad/sandwich combo with a Caesar and the Chicken Americaine. He’s been on a roll with that particular combo for several weeks now. Why mess up a good thing? I don’t blame him. Our meal was so great on Saturday that we headed back on Sunday for a repeat.


2 responses to “Bonnie Ruth’s for lunch

  1. We still need to try Bonnie Ruth’s! I haven’t been there since right after it opened.

    Oh, and there is a Smoothie Factory sign up right next to Mi Cocina, but I couldn’t tell if it was open yet (sorry, not very helpful!).

  2. Good news re Smoothie Factory. I need my pineapple coconut fix a little closer to the house.

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