A Quick Run Down

Friday afternoon was a quick trip to Medical City of Dallas. While I was there, I made two very important purchases; a Frulatti smoothie and a chocolate cupcake from Society Bakery. Those two stops have become a must which is nice because I average about one visit a week. I love their pineapple, orange and coconut smoothie. I meant to buy ingredients to make my own yet somehow never found the time nor remembered.

Friday evening was a nice dinner at Mariano’s. Man, that place gets packed. We have been meaning to go to Mario and Alberto’s; a childhood favorite, but it’s hard to break out of our routine. No worries because it’s on our list for the week.

Saturday our neighborhood had a giant yard sale. What better time than that to have a party? That’s just what our neighbors did. We had a blast! I love me some brats and hot dogs cooked on the grill.  Dinner was a quick trip up to Offshore’s. A couple of po’boys later and we were ready to call it a night. For not having our own yard sale, we were quite exhausted.

Sunday was more of the same old thing. We dined on bacon and pancakes for breakfast then instantly when for a walk in the hood. Somehow the walk takes away the guilt of a giant breakfast. Errands were run and the grill got fired up for dinner; burgers. Add in beans, potato salad and Kettle chips and the night was grand. We topped off the feast with Braum’s pineapple almond frozen yogurt.


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