Easter Weekend

My Easter dessert recipes came from the King Arthur Flour website. I had great success with both; lemon pound cake with a lemon glaze and a flourless chocolate torte. The other two dishes I could make in my sleep; broccoli rice casserole and black bean salsa (extra avocado).

On Thursday before leaving the office for a four day weekend, I had lists of things to accomplish. Um, not so much. We purchased an electric skillet. That was the big highlight. It is just like the one my family used as a kid to make breakfast on the weekends. I did it up right Saturday morning with lots of bacon and pancakes.

We took lots of walks in the neighborhood and bummed around with the best of them. The idea of errands crossed our minds yesterday, but opening day at the ballpark took center stage. That along with left over lemon pound cake. I kept telling myself, “just one more piece.” Who am I kidding? I never listen to myself. If I didn’t get enough ham on Easter then I made up for it yesterday when I ordered a warm ham and cheese sandwich from Bonnie Ruth’s. I love that place. I have yet to order anything on the menu that I didn’t enjoy.

I’ve only got three more weeks until my due date; April 28th to be exact. Exciting times!


2 responses to “Easter Weekend

  1. I love that warm ham and cheese sandwich. It’s fantastic.

    I was wondering when the baby was going to get here. Soooooon!!

  2. I’d really like to try brunch at Bonnie Ruth’s. Mmm…

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