Not too shabby

We had another fabulous weekend for the books. I was able to eat a little less bland which is certainly a good thing. I was given some super duty heartburn medicine to help fight off acid reflux. Uh, and I thought it was bad before….terrible now.

Oh my, this is embarrassing. I can’t even remember what all we did over the weekend. We had our baby shower which was a huge success. It was a full house to say the least. Everything went by so quickly. My brother’s girlfriend Emily made the most delicious pulled pork. Hot dog! It was so tender and juicy.

We ventured over to Mariano’s one night. They redeemed themselves. I wrote them off on a previous visit. Luckily the hubs convinced me to return and glad that I did. Plus, we used up the last spot on our punch card. Whoo hoo! Free meal on the way.

Yesterday cruised by so quickly. Lately, I’ve been ready to return to work on Sundays. Maybe it’s the comfort of my weekday routine or the wacky hormones, but I like the safety that work provides. It’s a set schedule that soothes me. Breakfast was that of champions; pancakes and bacon. Oh lordy. Those pancakes…..amazing!!! Give me more! In sticking with the sweet tooth, I also made a chocolate cake. Yep, I used the recipe off of the back of a Dutch Cocoa box. Those recipes are the best. I also highly promote the recipes on King Arthur’s website too. It’s where two of my Easter recipes were lifted; Lemon Pound Cake and Flourless Chocolate Torte.

I have a short week ahead as I am off on Friday as well as Monday. I’m thinking a trip to the movie theater is in our future. Oh, and Easter dinner with the family. Good times.


2 responses to “Not too shabby

  1. Sounds like the baby shower was a success! And now you get to have fun putting everything up and getting the nursery all organized.

    So were you at Mariano’s Saturday night?? Because we were there that night, too! And it was definitely better than last weekend’s visit.

  2. We were there. I’d say around 7:30 or so. It was much better and thank goodness for that.

    I attempted to put a few things together on Sunday and gave up. I was more productive baking that chocolate cake.

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