Nothing major to report from the weekend. I didn’t bake and I didn’t cook.

Friday, my Mom and I shopped for fabric. I know….so exciting. Lunch was nothing much to write home about. We ended up at La Duni Northpark. The food was hardly okay. We were seated close to the patio exit so everything on our plate may have arrived hot, but once wind kissed it was no more. Our waiter seemed annoyed with us; like we were taking up his precious time. When asked for a new napkin we were handed a stack of the paper cocktail type from the bar. Um, no. Cloth, please. The best part about our meal was our departure. It was that bad. Thank goodness for Mrs. Fields. One of her warm cookies and we were right back on track.

I was in the mood for fried seafood. Did I ever get it? No. We settled for a Digorno pizza one night and Chili’s on another. I miss ordering tall beers. Taco Bell was had once or twice. Let me state for the record that Taco Bell is not a complaint. I am big fan. The highlight was last night’s lasagna. My Mom made my all time favorite; pink lasagna. I love the different layers of creamy Alfredo mixed in with mushrooms, sausage, beef and tomato sauce. That along with Sister Schubert rolls made for an excellent dinner. If only heartburn weren’t an issue. Grr….

It’s back to work today and I’m ready. I love my routine. Monday through Friday at the office provides exactly that.


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  1. Geez, what’s going on with La Duni?? We had a really bad experience at Mariano’s this weekend. Such a bummer.

    That pink lasagna sounds amazing.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Mariano’s. I’m beginning to develop the same kind of relationship with La Duni.

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