And here we go again

So, we’re back in the house. Excuse me, I’m back in the house. Monday night just wasn’t my night. I love it when water starts spewing out from all pipes/drains. The newly finished wood flooring got a real kick out of it too. Without water for 24 hours, I ventured elsewhere in hopes of returning soon…very soon. Last night, I came home again. Ahh….back in my own bed. Guess what? My toilet is now leaking. I can’t wait to tell the hubs when he wakes up this morning. Home renovations are so pleasant. They test your patience more than I would have anticipated.

3 responses to “And here we go again

  1. Oh no!!!! Hope the floors are okay and that everything gets fixed asap. Home ownership is so fun.

  2. Everything is okay….for now. I’m so ready for a relaxing weekend it’s not even funny. I’m sensing some fried seafood satisfaction for stress relief!!

  3. I’m thinking fried seafood might just be the ticket. Can you believe this snow?!

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