We ate ourselves silly. Yep, we are stuffed to the gills…still.

On Friday night, I wanted nothing more than to take a nice long walk through the neighborhood with our boy and settle in on the sofa with take-out barbecue. However; that was not in my other half’s plans. I can’t blame him. He spends his days working from home. When I get home from work he is ready to get out of the house and socialize. I, on the other hand, am not. I want to get in my comfies and shut out the public.

What did we do? We hit up Sali’s. It’s like being at home because of it’s casual atmosphere. Plus, I’ve been eating there for who knows how long. It’s like a second home. Compromise worked well for us. So did our large pepperoni pie. I’ll be happy when I can take advantage of $3 beers again.

We managed to make the early showing of Shutter Island on Saturday morning. Of course, our movie was topped off with a visit to La Duni. I’m officially ready to give up my weekend trip to La Duni. Don’t get me wrong, I love the place, but it’s time for a change. Plus, one of the waiters rubbed me the wrong way. I hate it when that happens. A perfectly good meal can go to hell in a handbag very quickly when someone is nasty. At least my breakfast tacos and coffee were spot on. Afterwards, we stopped off at Mrs. Fields for a couple of cookies.

The remainder of our weekend was spent running errands. I thought I would have had at least one night in, but I was wrong. We managed a trip to Mariano’s as well as a nice Sunday brunch at Bonnie Ruth’s. Finally, we topped our weekend off with a homemade Sunday dinner of pot roast and cornbread. Dinner with the family was much needed. It seemed like New Year’s since we were together last.

I’m ready for a food break this week. That way, I can hit the ground running once the weekend rolls around.


One response to “Excess

  1. La Duni and Marianos- sounds like a pretty good weekend!

    Ah, good old Mrs. Fields. My mood at the mall is entirely contingent upon whether or not Mrs. Fields has cookie samples out.

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