La Duni and then some…

You guessed it. We dined at La Duni once again. This time I tried the Huevos Finos. Oh boy! That popover alone was well worth the order. Of course, the salty ham and hollandaise didn’t hurt either. I’ll be ordering that one again for sure! The hubs had the breakfast chile rellano. His only complaint was that the pepper had not been roasted first. I’m with him on that one. Had the poblano been roasted, the dish would have gone up two stars. I see a lot of salad options on other tables. All look very pretty and quite appetizing. When I decide to give up meat and potatoes, I’ll let you know about those salads. For now, I’m sticking with the cheesy, salty goodness.

We have the floors picked out. It’s a no brainer in my book. If my husband had his way, we’d live in a sea of carpet. I too love me some carpet, but I’m of the opinion that we should match our new floors to our existing hardwoods. Guess who got their way? Me!!! I got an added bonus this weekend as well. Just when I thought new floors would be the highlight of 2010, I was blessed with the addition of new counter tops, a new cook top/range, a new sink, faucet and fixtures. Our kitchen is getting a makeover as well. This is huge! I feel very lucky.

On to more food. I baked the chocolate cookies from the Ad Hoc at Home cookbook. These cookies will rock your world. If you have will power issues then these are NOT the cookies for you. They are made with a combination of bitter sweet and semi sweet chocolate. The recipe calls for zero vanilla, but I couldn’t help but add a smidge. Same with walnuts. I’m obsessed right now. I need that nutty texture in my baked goods. To boot, I made some muffins from Joy of Cooking. I added nuts…obviously and pumpkin pie spice. The cold weather had me craving that Fall-like flavor. The muffins are in the trash can as well as the few remaining cookies.

It’s back to work for us today. We sure do love our bank holidays. Was everyone off yesterday? I swear there were TONS of cars out on the roadways.

Note: We saw Valentine’s Day on Saturday. This was by accident as I got the time wrong on our original movie selection. The movie sucks. Consider yourself warned.


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