Good Times

Did anyone else get stuck in that mess on 635 Friday afternoon? Talk about a cluster!! Oh my words!! I needed some seriously good food by the time I got home. We headed over to Alfonso’s for some of their awesome goodness known as their garlic rolls. Alfonso’s was not in our cards for the evening. We should have taken more notice of the sign out front; “help wanted. waitstaff needed.” We gave them a good 10 minutes before walking out. Sali’s instead. It was a better decision for us. The casual low key atmosphere at Sali’s was exactly our speed. Not to mention the damn good pizza. Note to self: $3 Miller Lites = affordable.

Saturday was a fun filled day long chain of events. Celebrating our father-in-law’s retirement couldn’t have been more entertaining. We had trivia, obstacle courses, drink making contests, skits, deal or no deal, etc… Lots of activities plus great food to boot. We’re talking pizza, peanut butter squares, queso, chocolate chip cookies, double dipped chocolate covered peanuts, fajitas, and much more. I was stuffed when we got home. It was my kind of celebration.

Yesterday we grabbed a light lunch at Cafe Lago. The place was so cold that we opted for a cup joe after our meal which then led us on to dessert. By the time the Super Bowl started we were just getting our appetites back. We grubbed on brisket tacos, pico, corn relish and buffalo chicken dip. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for lots of fruits and veggies this week. I’m a cheesy, meaty mess right about now.

What can I say? We shared some good times over the weekend.


2 responses to “Good Times

  1. Do you guys have power?? I heard that your neighborhood was still without electricity. Most of the streets around us are pitch black.

  2. We have power, but our neighbor is still without. He’s going on three days and counting…

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