A Busy Weekend

First off, Happy Friday! This weekend is jam packed for us. Something the hubs likes and me…so-so. Some of us recharge by turning towards others; gaining rejuvination from the relationships that surround. Others gain healing by turning inwards; recharging with alone-time and solitude. I am one of those solitude types. I need vacations from holidays. As much as I enjoy socializing and what not, I find it exhausting. I secretly dream of my alone time doing whatever I please.

Tonight I will be getting my hair done. This is a must on my to-do list. Seriously, my hair is like a weed and my roots resemble WT. I have lots of errands planned for tonight. Tomorrow, we are going to celebrate my father-in-law’s retirement. We have a day filled with fun, food and activities. We are starting the day at 9AM and plan to go well into the evening. Can I just state that I am really looking forward to the grub? My mouth is already watering.

Sunday will be spent preparing for the Super Bowl. Guys, I have a major sweet tooth. My fix is in the that of semi sweet chocolate chip and walnut cookies. You can bet those will be made at some point. Plus, tons of cheesy and meaty appetizers for the big game.


One response to “A Busy Weekend

  1. Cheesy and meaty appetizers sound good!

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