More La Duni for us over the weekend. I ventured out with the breakfast tacos. Not much of an adventure since I consider that to be a safe dish. They were great as anticipated. I’m already gearing up for next weekend’s menu option. We just love getting up early on the weekend for a movie and lunch. It leaves our afternoons wide open to do as we wish. Not a bad plan in my book.

We shopped all weekend or so it seemed. I swear, we should have one more day left for rest, but my alarm assured me that is not the case. This was the weekend of food….good and not so good. We took the Tour of Italy at Olive Garden, had sandwiches from BJ’s Brewhouse and enchiladas at El Feinx. On top of everything, I made a cheesecake. Well, more like cheesecake-like squares. I followed one of those recipes that calls for you to leave the cake in the oven for 5-6 hours after you turn it off. You know, it worked; no cracks. The crust wasn’t as crispy/firm as I like, but overall it was a very good cream cheese concoction.

3 responses to “Yum

  1. So, which were good and which not so good?

  2. La Duni and El Fenix were good. Olive Garden and BJ’s were just okay, not bad by any means, but not great. The fries at BJ”s were pretty rockin. They were extra crispy and really hot.

    I grew up loving El Fenix. Lately, my taste buds have been steering me toward Mariano’s instead.

  3. We’re Matt’s people for Mexican. Pepe & Mito’s is good, too. Maybe better.

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