A Nice Weekend

What a lovely weekend and so much was accomplished. Friday we settled in for the evening with take-out from Tukta Thai and a DVD. Moon was entertaining in an interesting weird kind of way. I think we would have enjoyed it more had we not had so many interruptions. The really spectacular part about the night was our dinner. I with the Pad Pra Ram and hubs with the Lad Na. The Pad Pra Ram is like candy with its sweetness and the extra veggies that I requested rounded out the dish perfectly. Now if only the dish came with more food. The Lad Na was good too. Since we weren’t sure exactly what we’d be getting we googled it. We watched it created on iFood. I swear, it was like iFood prepared our exact dish. It was spot on.

On Saturday we purchased our crib, changing table and a bunch of other stuff baby related. Hubs and his brother are going to put the crib together today. Fun! I can’t wait to see the finished product in our home. We grabbed a movie at Northpark and hit up La Duni for lunch. I strayed from my usual French Press and opted for the burger. What a pleasant surprise. The burger was very flavorful and didn’t leave me with that weighed down feeling afterwards. I love that!

Of course, not being so stuffed to the gills prompted me to immediately bake chocolate chip cookies with walnuts the minute we got home. Hello goodness! I’ve been mowing them down ever since. I’m telling you that if you use dairy products from Braum’s your cookies/baked goods will rock this world. Believe me, I’ve tried all that stuff out there and Braum’s always delivers a great finished product. And, no I don’t work for them.

Yesterday was spent unloading wedding china and crystal into our new buffet. I can’t believe that stuff has been in boxes for all of these years. I’m finally ready for formal dining. For the record, I have extras so I won’t freak out if anything breaks. I took note of this as a child from both my mother and grandmother. Lunch was a couple of sandwiches from Great Outdoors and dinner was at El Fenix. Oh, how I can’t wait to sip on margaritas again. I do miss them.


4 responses to “A Nice Weekend

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun and tasty, too! It’s been too long since we’ve been to La Duni.

    When is the baby due?

  2. I can’t seem to get enough of La Duni. It’s already on the books for this weekend.

    Our baby is due at the end of April. April 28th to be exact.

  3. Exciting! Nice that you won’t have to be pregnant in the summer.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more.

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