We had another glorious weekend for the books. Friday night was a blast! We started our evening off at the Magnolia for a 5:30PM showing of Up in the Air. What a brilliant movie! Afterward, we schmoozed with our friends and nibbled on trays of mini chicks from Chick-fil-a. Those little treats might not mean much to you, but they sure do a number for me. Hello, nuggets!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in search of flooring. We are debating between different types of tile and so forth. I think we have narrowed it down enough to call in for some bids. That’s my job for this week. Anyone got a good tile guy out there?

Yesterday, it was all about furniture shopping. I’m sure this is just an inexperienced mother talking, but why the heck are cribs so expensive? I can justify a boat load of money for a good dining room table and chairs….not so much for a crib. You guys know what I’m talking about. There are tables and chairs everywhere, but crap they are. I want my table and chairs carved out of a single piece of wood. No glue, no nails, screws, bots, nuts, etc…SOLID! Hmpf…

On to the good stuff. We hit up La Duni once again yesterday for lunch. Marvelous it was indeed. This time we both went for the French Press. Oh, how I love me some La Duni. We have it on the calendar every weekend until the baby is due. Lucky me!

Dinner was take-out from Tukta Thai. I’m done asking for specific stars to determine the spice level of my dish. I really don’t think it matters what I ask for because they give me what they want. The red curry lit me up so much that my lips got raw and puffy. Thank goodness I opted for milk with my dinner. Seriously, I think I went through a half gallon. The joke is on me. When I ask for 5 star spicy, I get nothing. Ask for 3 and I’m calling the local authorities.


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