Now I remember why I don’t like that place…

That place that I speak of is Mi Cocina. Once upon a time, I frequented Mi Cocina more than I care to admit. I wasn’t a fan at first, but as time went on the place grew on me. I ate there at least once a week.

Flash forward to present day; I have no desire to visit. I magically appeared at the Mi Cocina to-go counter last night. Fajitas for the hubs and the Rico salad for myself. Note to self. The queso is disgusting. I’d rather eat Rico cheese out of the can. I discovered that I used to like the taste of body odor. Yep, you heard me right. Everything that comes out of the Mi Cocina kitchen tastes and smells like B.O. I was literally grossed out after having dinner. My darling and I were reminded again why we avoid that which is Mi Cocina. I’ll drive one more block for Mariano’s. It’s well worth it.

Thankfully, I had vivid memories of our La Duni visit from Saturday. I’ll be dining there again very soon.


One response to “Now I remember why I don’t like that place…

  1. Yeah, Mi Cocina is overrated. Too expensive and it drives me CRAZY that they don’t have fountain drinks (and charge you $2 for a can). There are a few menu items that I like, but I’m with you- Mariano’s any day.

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