Chocolate Cake

Typically, I do not start my new year with a new diet or meal plan. So, it should come as no surprise that I made a fabulous chocolate cake last Sunday. The hub and I have been devouring it all week. More me than him, but whatever. It’s one damn good cake. I simply used the Hershey’s Dutch Cocoa Powder recipe for both the cake and the icing. Normally, I go for the Special Dark, but this time around I stuck with the original. There is something to the recipes from the powdered cocoa; simply marvelous! I must also recommend the chocolate mousse recipe as well. It’s rich and it’s amazing!

There is only one piece left. I’m sorry to say, but I just  might have to make the whole darn thing again on Sunday. We will be out shopping on Saturday and as usual I have requested lunch at La Duni. Their desserts might inspire me to branch away from the standard chocolate cake and try something entirely different. Gosh, sweets are so good!


4 responses to “Chocolate Cake

  1. Luckily, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I certainly make up for that in other areas, though!

  2. Margie, I didn’t own much of a sweet tooth until I got pregnant. I was certain that I was having a girl due to my sugar cravings. I’m hoping for a return to my old taste buds in the near future.

  3. When is the baby due?

  4. At the end of April. It’s not close, but it’s certainly not far away.

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