Oh, you’ll never believe it. We finally have a Domino’s that delivers to our house. The Garland Road location is making the trek over our way. This is a first. I’ve called that location before (okay, a lot ) with no such luck in the delivery department. Well, hot dog and hallelujah because they deliver to us now. I know, I know… I’m sure most of you out there are absolutely grossed out at the mention of the cardboard pizza chain. Me? I’m one happy gal. They have tricked up the recipe too. I was not pleased when I heard the news, but after tasting the pizza I’m quite tickled. It’s good. It’s really good. Don’t even get me started on the cheesy bread.

A Christmas note; I did not receive any cooking or baking related gifts. I thought that was kind of strange. My measuring cups are pretty pitiful. I’m in the market.

Did anyone read the article about the inaccuracy of measuring cups/spoons? It made me wonder what I have in my kitchen. It also proved my theory that baking is not an exact science. You heard me. Baking is not an exact science. Trust me, I can butcher a cake recipe like nobody’s business and still have it come out marvelous.


6 responses to “Domino’s

  1. I have one set of measuring cups that’s WAY off. I think it’s from Dollar Tree, so I guess you get what you pay for.

    Woohoo for Domino’s! I haven’t had that in forever, but we ordered Papa John’s a few weeks ago and I was not impressed. Domino’s next time…

  2. I think that’s why so many expert bakers (especially ones from Europe) recommend that you use a scale instead of measuring cups. It’s hard to do that switch when you’re used to cups though.

  3. Have you tried Picasso’s Pizza? I think they deliver to your area and they’re pretty good. They deliver all kinds of stuff, actually. Aren’t you in Lake Highlands, now? They have a location there.

  4. Funny that you mention Picasso’s, Margie. We ordered from them last night. I like them fine. If only they could deliver a pizza hot for once. I’d even take a warm pizza.

    I’m officially sick of pizza. We’ve ordered delivery three times since the start of the holidays. Unlike my husband, I cannot eat pizza every night of my life.

  5. Glad to hear that you like the new pizza! I work with Domino’s and wanted to let you know that if you prefer the old sauce recipe or crust you can still order that. When you call to place your next order just ask for crust without garlic seasoning and the hearty marinara sauce!

  6. Thanks for the tip Abby! We prefer the new recipe.

    We probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference; only that it was the best pizza from Domino’s to date.

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