I get it. Restaurants, especially nice ones, do not like to put salt and pepper shakers out on the table. But, what if I want salt and lots of it? Let me start off by saying that I LOVE salt. Yes, I love it. Since I’ve been pregnant, I want even more salt (Don’t even go there with the whole thing about being pregnant and too much salt. Just. Stop. Right. There).

My husband and I had a lovely dinner at Mercury last Friday. The pommes frites were wonderfully salted with a hint of garlic which made them absolutely addicting. The macaroni needed no additional sodium. However; my dear sweet beautiful fillet was left behind. Steak needs salt. I have no doubt that it was properly seasoned when cooked. In my opinion it needed an extra sprinkling before hitting the table. My fillet was good, but it could have been great with more salt.

I almost forgot to mention the highlight of our meal; cheesecake egg rolls. Guys, if you need an excuse to go to Mercury. Do so to try these dainty delights. The outside shell was not crispy like an egg roll, but soft like a funnel cake. They were lightly dusted with powdered sugar and floating atop a bed of cranberries. Okay, so maybe not cranberries, but something like that. I can’t remember exactly. Geez, it was almost 4 days ago. Try them, you won’t be sorry.


8 responses to “Salt

  1. Frites sound great right now!

  2. They sure do!

    We have a tradition of going to Snuffers before we return to work for the new year. I see visions of cheddar fries and fried mushrooms in our immediate future.

  3. That sounds great! Then a great big nap!!

  4. I’d hit up Mercury for the fries alone. YUM.

    Hope you guys had a great Christmas! Can you believe the snow??

  5. OK, really pregnant, huh?

  6. I’m getting there clocking in at 5 months.

    Believe it or not, fruit and cereal are my best friends. I simply cannot live without them right now. Same goes with salad,but I’ve always been a salad junkie so that’s not saying much.

  7. I hate to say this, but I’m a salt addict also, and being a trained chef, it’s hard not to OVER salt the dishes…

  8. Happy New Year! I’m thinking about cheesecake eggrolls….

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