La Duni Northpark

I’ve been to all three locations of La Duni. All are great and I love the variety you get with each spot. By far, my favorite is the location at Northpark. The biggest plus about the Northpark location is that their drinks actually have alcohol in them. I know, probably not a big deal for most of you out there. As someone who likes their drinks proper and will certainly pay more just to get it right, it’s nice not to have to ask. It’s a real treat when they get the job done the first time.

Another bonus to the NP location is the complimentary chips and salsa starter. I love that! If that is something new to all locations then call me slow. Either way, it’s a nice touch. Their food is sheer comfort as well. I almost always opt for the French Press. It’s simple and damit, that’s the way I like it. Their chile rellano is brilliant as well.

I’m due for one last trip to NP before Christmas. You can bet that I’ll be making a stop at La Duni. Of course, I’ll head over to Cibus for some gelato afterwards.


2 responses to “La Duni Northpark

  1. GP, I know gelato can be wonderful, but I don’t see how you can pass up La Duni’s Cuatro Leches cake.

  2. We got several slices to-go. Plus, I’m pregnant and anything ice cream related is a must at all times. No questions asked.

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