A nice weekend for the books

Friday evening was spent running all over town to find a good deal on a fireplace set. Um, wow! I’m simple. I see it and then I buy it. My husband…not so much. We had to find that deal. First Lowe’s, then Wal-Mart, next Home Depot, Sam’s and finally a trip back to Lowe’s. Hmm… Isn’t that where we first started? Yep, that’s what I thought. Oh, the memories that we have to cherish running all over town. Those are the ones I am most proud of as a couple. No arguing, eye rolling, etc…

The highlight of our weekend ( a million fires in the fireplace) was a trip to Blue Goose Addison. It was a toss up Saturday morning between burgers and Tex Mex. Do not worry old faithful, you always win. I forgot how much I like Blue Goose. The salsa was nice and fresh, the chips hot and the queso cheesy. I went with the fish tacos. They were good, but the beans took center stage on my plate. I added a spoonful to each taco bite. Someone at our table ordered the brisket tacos and they were out of this world good. I’m almost always disappointed with brisket tacos. Not these babies. They were juicy, tender and spot on in the taste department. Overall, Blue Goose Addison takes high marks in my book. We’ll be back.

Guess who woke up with a sore throat at 3AM? Yep, me! I hope it’s only allergies. I didn’t plan on getting sick for awhile. So much for planning.

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