Chocolate chip cookies

We all have a favorite chocolate chip recipe. For me, I love the Nestle Tollhouse recipe with semi sweet chocolate chips and real butter. However; my husband prefers a different cookie concoction. He likes his made with margarine and milk chocolate chips. I’m not about to make two batches of chocolate chip cookies, but a nice compromise would be welcomed. I have put off making one of my favorite cookies due to the dilemma mentioned above. I may or may not battle this today, but it’s crossed my mind more than I’d like to mention. I’d love some help on the matter. What is your cookie of choice?


8 responses to “Chocolate chip cookies

  1. Cowboy Cookies 😛

  2. We are Nestle’s Tollhouse all the way!

  3. Nestle to the rescue again. I followed the same recipe as usual only this time I mixed half semi sweet chips and half white chocolate. I let the batter sit for about 45 minutes in the fridge before baking. We ended up with great cookies that even my husband enjoyed.

  4. I die a little inside anytime I bite into a chocolate chip cookie and realize that they used milk chocolate chips. SEMI SWEET!

    I’m curious- why the margarine preference? Does the texture come out differently?

  5. Margarine makes them softer, right?

  6. I thought that margarine made them look puffy…soft too.

    I’ve never had an issue with softness. A little chewy in the middle with a nice touch of crispness around the edges. Of course, just seal up any cookie in a zip lock and you’ll get soft soon enough.

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